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The EPP is supporting the unified representation of Hungarians
2011. 9. 23.

DAHR president Kelemen Hunor and EPP president Wilfried Martens met on Thursday in Bucharest, discussing the political role-taking of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania, the Hungarian-Romanian political relations, and the rights and interests of the ethnic Hungarians living in Romania. »

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Opening of Szeklerland's Representative Office in Brussels
2011. 6. 7.

Due to the high level of interest for the event, the opening ceremonies of Szeklerland’s Representative Office in Brussels took place on two different venues and days. On the 31st of May László Tőkés, the Vice-President of the EP and MEPs Gyula Winkler and Csaba Sógor hosted a reception in the European Parliament, while the actual opening of the office took place on the 1st of June at the Representation of the Regions of Hungary in Brussels. »

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Documents of DAHR 10th Congress
2011. 3. 14.

Decree Concerning the 2011 Census

Position on the Basic Principles of the Romanian Reform of Economic Policies

The Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania Congress document recommendation on foreign affairs

Decision On Hungarian Diaspora Day

Democratic alliance of Hungarians in Romania - Congress draft document on economy

Position on preferential naturalization


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Overwhelming support for the European Roma Strategy in the EP
2011. 3. 10.

DAHR’s Hungarian MEP from Transylvania, Csaba Sógor emphasized the importance of common responsibility in the solution of the Roma issue: „The issue of the Roma’s economic and social exclusion has been a subject of debate only since the accession of the new member states. But this doesn’t mean that the problem did not exist before. Although the relationship between Roma communities and their neighbors hasn’t always been peaceful, these tensions have only intensified since the fall of communism”. »

Tags: European Parliament, Sógor Csaba

The Permanent Council of the Alliance has met
2010. 5. 11.

The DAHR supports the agreement of Romania with the International Monetary Fund, but considers that the implementation of the foreseen measures will have the expected results only a true and deep economic reform will be elaborated as well. – underlined the Permanent Council of the Alliance after its meeting on Monday in Bucharest. The council decided that the DAHR will elaborate its own reform measures for the Romanian economy.
The PCA also decided to convoke the statutory meeting of the Cultural Autonomy Council for the end of May.

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Hungarian sub-prefect in Arges County
2010. 4. 29.

At the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, in accordance with the proposals of the DAHR, the Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc signed the nomination of Kálmán Zoltán, as sub-prefect of Arges County. »


The DAHR has undertaken change, reform and modernization
2010. 4. 27.

Trough its governmental activity the DAHR has undertaken not just the support of the activity of the local communities and administrations, but the change, reform and modernization as well. – declared Markó Béla deputy prime minister, at the meeting of the DAHR mayors in Targu Mures. »

Tags: DAHR, Government, Local government, Târgu Mureş/Marosvásárhely

2010. 4. 21.

Today the government adopted a proposal for the amendment of the constitution, including the result of the referendum of November 2009, and transmitted it to the president, to initiate the procedure for the amendment of the constitutions in accordance with article 150, paragraph 1 of the Constitution. »

Tags: Government

The new law on education stands for deep reform measures
2010. 4. 13.

The new law on education adopted on Monday morning by the cabinet in an extraordinary meeting, stands for the real and deep reform of the educational system - declared Markó Béla, DAHR president at the press conference held in Bucharest on Monday. »

Tags: Education

The enlargement of the minority rights would not harm the majority
2010. 3. 23.

- When a community asks or requests for some rights, they refer to the enlargement of the possibilities of the respective community, but this would not and should not harm the rights of others – declared Markó Béla DAHR president at the press conference held in Bucharest on Monday. »

Tags: Markó Béla, minority rights

We have to remember the fight for freedom of 1990 as well, not just that of 1848! - Nearly ten thousand people attended the central manifestations of the DAHR organized in Targu Mures.
2010. 3. 16.

- March 15 is one of the brightest and clearest moments of the Hungarian nation: today we have to remember not just the 162 years past from the revolution of 1848, but also another anniversary, of the events from twenty years ago in Targu Mures. »

Tags: Târgu Mureş/Marosvásárhely

Varga Gábor - director of the National Office of Inventions and Trademarks
2010. 3. 12.

Prime Minister Emil Boc signed the nomination of Varga Gábor as general director of the National Office of Inventions and Trademarks. The nomination appeared in the Official Journal no. 0159 on Friday, March 12, 2010.

Varga Gábor led the National Office between 1998 and March 2009, after that he worked as counselor at the same institution.


The DAHR president will request the declassification of the dossiers regarding the events of Targu Mures from 20 years ago
2010. 3. 12.

Markó Béla DAHR president will request that all dossiers containing information about the bloody events of 1990 in Targu Mures to be declassified. The president of the Alliance sustained this declaration at the press conference held in Bucharest on Thursday. »

Tags: Markó Béla, Târgu Mureş/Marosvásárhely

2010. 3. 9.

The Permanent Council of the DAHR met on March 9, 2010 in Bucharest.
The permanent Council of the Alliance has adopted the draft budget of the DAHR proposed by the executive president. »

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In the procedure of relieving the president of the senate, the DAHR will proceed in accordance with the standing orders
2010. 3. 7.

In the opinion of the DAHR it would be desirable that the presidents of the two houses of the parliament would represent the members of the governmental coalition, since in this situation the parliamentary work could become more efficient, and the government would not need to elaborate governmental degrees, or take responsibility for a law or bill. »

Tags: Markó Béla, Senate

Today, the Hungarian education is the most important goal
2010. 3. 7.

As in the past twenty years, the Hungarian school and the native language education is a permanent priority: in fact, even today there is no more important goal then expanding the frames of the Hungarian language education, and improving its quality. – declared Markó Béla, DAHR president after the meting held with the representatives and directors of the Hungarian schools. »

Tags: Education, Markó Béla

Veress Ödön Péter president of the managing council of the Constructions Supervising Inspectorate
2010. 3. 3.

Prime Minister Emil Boc signed the nomination of Veress Ödön Péter for the position of general inspector, president of the managing council of the Constructions Supervising Inspectorate. The decision appeared in the Official Journal no. 0137/03.03.2010.

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The DAHR supports the law on the public servants status
2010. 3. 3.

The DAHR proves its consistency when supporting the law on public servants status, since this bill means to reestablish the status of the leaders of the de-centralized institutions as public servants, and this way reestablishing a balance in the system. – declared Markó Béla, DAHR president at the press conference held in Bucharest on Tuesday. »

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The time for constitutional reform has come
2010. 2. 24.

The time for constitutional reform, for the modification of the constitution has come – declared Markó Béla, DAHR president at the press conference held in Bucharest on Thursday. He added, the parliamentary groups of the PD-L and the DAHR in the Chamber of Deputies have proposed the establishment of a committee, aiming the elaboration of the eventual constitutional modifications and supervising the process. »

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Partnership with the roma community
2010. 2. 23.

Any institution, project or strategy, aiming the improvement of the situation of the roma community could be efficient only if roma people will actively participate in their elaboration, implementation and overseeing, as well in the decision-making process. »

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