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Partnership with the roma community
2010. 2. 23.

Any institution, project or strategy, aiming the improvement of the situation of the roma community could be efficient only if roma people will actively participate in their elaboration, implementation and overseeing, as well in the decision-making process. Any law or strategy, aiming the improvement of the situation of the roma community is possible only trough a close partnership with the community – declared Deputy Prime Minister Markó Béla, at the conference entitled The voice of the communities – Report on the national strategy aiming the improvement of the situation of the roma community. Markó Béla underlined: it is extremely important that the roma will be included in the decision-making process at its highest levels, since the community needs a strong political representation and civil sphere.

During his opening speech, the deputy prime minister stated that one of the highest challenges and at the same time, possibility of the European integration is that Europe needs to deliver an answer to the issue of free and borderless cohabitation of the different national, cultural, linguistic and religious communities. How will we be able to preserve our own values, in a Europe obliging us to solidarity, correlation and coordination, and prescribes us to respect different rules independently from our nationality? This is the issue we have to face! – pointed Markó Béla.

According to the DAHR president, these identity-issues, and of the roma as well, must be handled through the same principles: we must integrate not with the risk of loosing our identity, but with the believe in a peaceful cohabitation of the different ethnic and national minorities. Further, the president of the Alliance underlined that it was an immense and basic mistake to handle the roma issue only as a social one, without understanding the complexness of this problem. Only in the last period was a more realistic viewpoint presented, considering the roma as an ethnic community, a national minority in Romania, which indeed faces serious social problems. Still, we have to find measures for the preservation of their cultural and linguistic characteristics.

The deputy prime minister appreciated the change of mentality of the past years and the institutional frames developed in order to preserve and help the roma community. At the same time he underlined that the decentralization is important from this point of view as well, since only by the cooperation of the local administrations can an effective strategy for the cohabitation of the different communities be developed.

Markó Béla saluted the national strategies aiming the improvement of the situation of the roma communities, mentioning education, housing, employment, health and discrimination. At the same time, he assured the audience that the government would plead for the elimination of the discrimination and all types of differences between roma and the majority, respecting the principles of equality in chances and development of a healthy society, where roma can be fully entitled citizens of Romania.

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