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The time for constitutional reform has come
2010. 2. 24.

The time for constitutional reform, for the modification of the constitution has come – declared Markó Béla, DAHR president at the press conference held in Bucharest on Thursday. He added, the parliamentary groups of the PD-L and the DAHR in the Chamber of Deputies have proposed the establishment of a committee, aiming the elaboration of the eventual constitutional modifications and supervising the process.

The DAHR president underlined: in the opinion of the Alliance, the eventual modifications of the constitution should not refer exclusively to the results of the referendum from November last year. The DAHR further maintains its skepticism towards a unicameral parliament. The basic democratic principles would not be harmed in any case: in some democratic states the is one, in others there are two chambers in the parliament. Markó Béla added: the Romanian political society should examine the current needs of the state. In his opinion, in a state like Romania, with those relatively large multicultural, specific regions, populated by communities with specific needs, a bicameral parliamentary system is much more adequate, and the chamber of deputies and the senate are both needed. The president of the Alliance also mentioned that in 2003, when the Romanian constitution was last modified Romania was not integrated in the EU, and as member state in 2010, there are some issues that need to be clarified.

Markó Béla stated, the DAHR looks for a deep reformation of the states institutions, including the inter-institutional relations (presidency, government, parliament), the place and duty of the judicial system in the Romanian society, the jurisdiction of the government and all those matters involving the right functioning of a democratic state.

In his opinion, the entire process of the constitutional reform should be finished before the 2012 elections.

Answering the question of a journalist, the DAHR president undelined that the coalition partners agreed on replacing the currently existing, eight development regions, by 15-16 smaller ones. The outlining procedure will be conducted by the group-leaders of the two parties in the chamber of deputies, as well as ministers Vasile Blaga and Borbély László.

The agenda of the next common cabinet meeting was placed at the beginning of autumn, mentioned Markó Béla, underlining that this cooperation was not intended to be delayed, still the political situation in Romania at the end of last year, and the general elections in Hungary this spring, forced the two parties to postpone the event.

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