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The DAHR supports the law on the public servants status
2010. 3. 3.

The DAHR proves its consistency when supporting the law on public servants status, since this bill means to reestablish the status of the leaders of the de-centralized institutions as public servants, and this way reestablishing a balance in the system. – declared Markó Béla, DAHR president at the press conference held in Bucharest on Tuesday. The DAHR president reminded, that last year the Alliance has repeatedly sand up against he governmental degree of the formal PD-L – PSD coalition, prescribing the change of the status of the leaders of decentralized institution. He added, the DAHR organized many forums against this bill in Miercurea Ciuc, Sfantu Gheorghe and Targu Mures, and blamed the former government for releasing the Hungarian specialists’ only for political reasons. In consequence, those who accuse the Alliance of inconsequence are wrong. Markó Béla reminded that the Constitutional Court also rejected the law aiming the politisation of the leadership of decentralized institutions; in consequence, the timing of the adoption is perfect. The president of the Alliance added, that when the DAHR discussed these positions the ethnic proportion of the Hungarian community was taken into consideration, and not any other political factor.

According to Markó Béla, mainly the standpoint of the PSD is not understandable, since last year the party had other opinion in this matter. Still they are consequent in requesting political nominations for the leaders of the decentralized institutions. He also considered as strange, the point of view of the Liberal Party, since last year the DAHR and the PNL fought together against the measures adopted by the former government.

At the press conference held on Tuesday Markó Béla declared that on Friday, in Targu Mures he would meet the directors of the Hungarian schools of the region, as well as the deputy directors leading the Hungarian classes. The main topics of the meeting are the situation of the Hungarian classes and schools, as well as the impact of the eventual modifications of the Law on education.

“The group of independents does not endanger the position of the DAHR. I don’t think that the Alliance could be replaced by another party.” – declared Markó Béla related to the parliamentary group that was recently formed around the independent Gabriel Oprea. He added: the presence of the DAHR in the parliament and in some governmental coalitions of the past two decades in not measurable only in votes, but in the existing interethnic relationships and the Romanian – Hungarian cohabitation. The presence in the government of the DAHR is important not just for mathematical reasons, but for the Romanian parties and the entire Romanian society as well.

Markó Béla underlined: he respects everyone’s decision, but still considers that there are some issues that would need clarification regarding the statute of the members of the parliament. What does it mean to be member of a party, and what is the status of an independent? The fact that some of the members of the opposition have crossed to the independents will not clarify the ideological questions of the Romanian politics. In fact, the necessity to leave a party derives from its failure in the elections.

Answering the question of a journalist, the president of the Alliance declared that sanctions are not always successful. He considers that doctrines and political viewpoints, and political parties based on clear and distinguishable political programs are needed, and that the members on the party and those on its lists at the elections share these common views. Further Markó Béla expressed his believe that, all these migrations, prove the lack of those mentioned above, and neither the parties, nor its members share a common ideology. He also pointed that this refers to all political parties but the DAHR, since it has a specific status.

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