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Today, the Hungarian education is the most important goal
2010. 3. 7.

As in the past twenty years, the Hungarian school and the native language education is a permanent priority: in fact, even today there is no more important goal then expanding the frames of the Hungarian language education, and improving its quality. – declared Markó Béla, DAHR president after the meting held with the representatives and directors of the Hungarian schools. The main points of the discussion where focused on the new draft law on education, the reform of the educational system and its financing, as well as the current situation of the Hungarian schools.

As the president of the Alliance stated, today it is of utmost importance to discuss about the reform in the educational system, since the existing difficulties of the financial and economic system should not, or only minimally influence the education. This is even more important regarding the Hungarian language education. Markó Béla underlined: the native language education needs a positive discrimination, and it is necessary to find solutions for its financing.

According to the president of the Alliance, the current educational system is overheated, poor, over-centralized and unstable; in consequence, it needs to be changed. He added: trough its governmental activity, the DAHR has the opportunity to improve the situation of the Hungarian language education, adopting a law on education that would lead to a real and deep reform of the system. The draft will be presented to the government in a few weeks, and hopefully it will be adopted in this parliamentary session. It is of utmost importance that the Hungarian teachers and specialists would have the possibility to express their points of view regarding the Hungarian language education and the entire reform of the educational system.

The DAHR president also underlined that it would be important to reevaluate the institutional system of the Hungarian language education, whether smaller or larger educational institutions are more viable. According to the president of the Alliance, the most important is that every Hungarian child has the possibility to learn in its native language.

The DAHR president pointed that in the upcoming weeks he will continue the discussions with the civil society, the teachers, the churches and all those interested in the reform of the Romanian educational system.

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