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In the procedure of relieving the president of the senate, the DAHR will proceed in accordance with the standing orders
2010. 3. 7.

In the opinion of the DAHR it would be desirable that the presidents of the two houses of the parliament would represent the members of the governmental coalition, since in this situation the parliamentary work could become more efficient, and the government would not need to elaborate governmental degrees, or take responsibility for a law or bill. Still the procedure of relieving the president of the senate could be supported by the DAHR only if it will proceed in accordance with the standing orders, the law and the decisions of the Constitutional Court. – declared Markó Béla DAHR president at the press conference held in Targu Mures last weekend. The deputy prime minister added, they will discuss this matter inside the Alliance and will get to a conclusion most probably after the coalition meeting on Monday.

The president of the Alliance added: in his opinion it would be highly desirable to have a majority of the coalitions members in the committees as well. At the same time, he accepts the independent members of the parliament to take part in the working process of the committees, although he does not agree the parliamentary migration. Still, this is a problem of the political parties, even if it proves the lack of a clear political program.

Markó Béla underlined that he does not consider that the group of independents would endanger the position of the DAHR in the governmental coalition. – The DAHR is not in competition with the PD-L or anyone else. I am confident that the position of the Alliance in the governmental coalition isn’t important only by the number of votes delivered: the presence of the Hungarian in the government is a balancing factor in the internal relations, Romanian – Hungarian relationship, but also in international relation as well. – stressed Markó Béla.

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