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The DAHR president will request the declassification of the dossiers regarding the events of Targu Mures from 20 years ago
2010. 3. 12.

Markó Béla DAHR president will request that all dossiers containing information about the bloody events of 1990 in Targu Mures to be declassified. The president of the Alliance sustained this declaration at the press conference held in Bucharest on Thursday. Drawing a parallel between the dossiers of the revolution – which have been declassified recently by a governmental decree -, and the those about the event of March 1990 in Targu Mures, the deputy prime minister underlined, that these should also be declassified, since “we have the right to know what happened in 19-20 March 1990 in Targu Mures.”

“It is extremely important that after 20 years, we draw the relevant conclusion.” – pointed Markó Béla, adding: the event that caused victims on both sizes has not started spontaneously, but due to the instigation of some. – We are talking about persons who where members of the nomenclature before 1989, and who where interested in keeping a permanent conflict-situation, and instigating the two communities against each other.   

Referring to March 15, the DAHR president pointed that the celebrations of this year are characterized by a general acceptance: the parliament postponed its activity and declared day off, and the representatives of the central, county and local administration will participate at the ceremonies. “Today we are finally capable to see the connecting moments of our common history, and not the dividing ones.”

The DAHR supports the reform measures of the minister of health, and in its scope, the earliest possible decentralization. – reconfirmed Markó Béla the decision of the Permanent Council of the Alliance. He added, that with the meeting of the permanent council from last week, the evaluation of the governmental officials has begun, the first being the account of the minister of health on the situation of the health care system.

“For me it is natural and in fact mandatory to address the Hungarian people in their native language.” – declared the deputy prime minister, answering the question of a journalist, being inquisitive about the fact that Hungarian directors and deputy directors of schools received invitations from the deputy prime ministers office in Hungarian language too. Markó Béla stressed, that those document where sent in Romanian and Hungarian language as well. – We think that these documents should exist in the official language as well, but I consider it proper and useful, and as for me imperative, to address myself in Hungarian language as well. In Romanian for its official character, in Hungarian for the homey feeling. – declared Markó Béla adding, that in the future he will do the same. He also added, that in this matter, he would not like to refer to legal and constitutional prescriptions, which in fact allow the usage of the Hungarian language in the relations between citizen and institutions. Answering another journalist’s question the DAHR president put another question: Would you still be surprised if I would have addressed those letters in English, which is also used in the institutional circles? Would English be more adequate then the Hungarian - the native language of over one and a half million citizens of this state?

Referring to the eventual relieving of Mircea Geoana, president of the senate, the president of the Alliance pointed that some people are trying to invent all kinds of untrue stories about Geoana, just to get him relieved from his seat. Some of his decisions are in fact discussable, but the main reason is that the president of the senate has high authority, as the meeting of the senate yesterday proved. For example, he can prevent anyone putting a new point on the agenda or otherwise. The person of the president of the senate is important from the viewpoint that the debate on draft laws can be slowed or hurried. In an anyway difficult situation, it is important that the governmental coalition is able to get the proposed laws adopted in reasonable time. In consequence, it would be preferable to have the president of the senate form one of the coalition member parties. – stressed Markó Béla.

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