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We have to remember the fight for freedom of 1990 as well, not just that of 1848! - Nearly ten thousand people attended the central manifestations of the DAHR organized in Targu Mures.
2010. 3. 16.

- March 15 is one of the brightest and clearest moments of the Hungarian nation: today we have to remember not just the 162 years past from the revolution of 1848, but also another anniversary, of the events from twenty years ago in Targu Mures. That was also a fight for freedom, let’s speak straight to the point: the fight for freedom of the Hungarians of Targu Mures lasted from the books and candle demonstration on February 10, 1990, until March 20, and we have to commemorate this fight for freedom as well – declared deputy prime minister Markó Béla on Monday in Targu Mures, at the central manifestations of the DAHR.

This year nearly ten thousand Hungarians gathered at the Szekler Martyrs Memorial to pay a tribute to the heroes of the Hungarian revolution.

In his speech the DAHR president pointed: it is good to be Hungarian, especially now, on March 15, when we think of the love for freedom of Kossuth Lajos and Petőfi Sándor. – They wanted to create an enormous and endless freedom in this part of Europe that would have been enough for all nations, and if this dream would have been achieved no one would have been in lack of freedom in these parts. It wasn’t possible then. But we are proud of them, since together in solidarity they have shown the best and most wonderful self of the Hungarian nation – declared Markó Béla, adding: today we have to remember also the fight for freedom of twenty years ago, when the Hungarians didn’t allow to rout and humiliate them, and in consequence we were able to achieve many rights by now. “Today we would be a routed and humiliated community if the Hungarians of Targu Mures and environs would have remained at home, and if the gypsies, the roma’s as we would say today, wouldn’t have stood beside them. That’s why we are still here, we are Hungarians, we achieved to have many rights, and what we didn’t we will in the future. () We offer out thanks to the Hungarians of that time, many of them being here with us today, to the roma’s, and to those Romanian  who – despite all nationalist pressures – understood our requests. We offer our thanks to all victims, deceased, wounded of the fights for freedom of twenty years ago. We offer our thanks to Sütő András, who isn’t among us anymore, and we offer our thanks to all the others. From our part it was a peaceful struggle, and it would have remained that way if the beneficiaries of the former regime wouldn’t have incited the mislead and armed Romanian peasants against us, who didn’t understand that their freedom will not be less if the Hungarians will be able to use their mother tongue. ” – pointed the DAHR president adding, the duty of today’s generations is not to leave the past at that, to reveal everything that happened in March 1990, since this is in the interest of all decent persons, Hungarians and Romanians. – The truth must be revealed! We request that the dossiers containing in formations on the events of March 19-20, 1990 in Targu Mures to be declassified. We have the right to know who are responsible. It is in the interest of all decent people, Hungarian and Romanian, to know what happened, in order to be able to avoid that similar events happen again in the future. – pointed Markó Béla.

He reminded: twenty years ago one single word, one single inscription “pharmacy” was able to whip up the hate, the obtuseness, and today Hungarian and Romanian as same are waiting for medicine from the Hungarian minister of health. “I have to consider as well, that while in 1990 one word was a problem, today I am questioned because I have sent invitations as deputy prime minister of the government, with Romanian, official heather, in Hungarian language to Hungarian people. I have to reassure everybody that I will write in Hungarian to everybody who addresses to me in Hungarian. Today we have the right to do this in this country, no matter what anybody says. Let us be proud on that” – underlined Markó Béla, adding that besides conserving the achieved rights, the Hungarian community has to go forward in the process of political validation of our rights. “We also respect our cohabiters, in the interest of good work we collaborate with them, we govern together, when we are needed we use our knowledge and skills in the interest of our state, county, city, our most beloved homeland, Transylvania, but we will not tolerate that the Hungarian language will be banished from the public life. On the contrary, we have to go forward in the expansion of the usage of the Hungarian language, the Hungarian language education, the establishing the different types of autonomy.”

The message of the Romanian president Traian Basescu was delivered by the Mures county prefect Marius Pascan, that of Bajnai Gordon Hungarian Prime Minister by H.E. Füzes Oszkár, ambassador of Hungary to Bucharest, and that of Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc by Bárczi Győző deputy prefect of Mures county.

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