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The new law on education stands for deep reform measures
2010. 4. 13.

The new law on education adopted on Monday morning by the cabinet in an extraordinary meeting, stands for the real and deep reform of the educational system - declared Markó Béla, DAHR president at the press conference held in Bucharest on Monday. According to the deputy prime minister a transparency is necessary in this system in order to be able to overcome the instability and incoherency that characterized the education in the last period. He added: the transparency refers to the decisions regarding the educational institutions, their financing and the decentralization process.

Markó Béla stated: in his opinion, the new law on education is one of the biggest and most comprehensive projects of the last period, referring to one of the most important areas of the society. The draft law stands for a deep reform of the system, aiming to transfer the decisions to the community and the local and county administrations, and at the same time decentralizing the financing.

The DAHR president pointed: the beneficiary of the new educational system is the entire Romanian society, but the bill contains specifications of the native language education as well. In accordance with the viewpoint of the DAHR specialist and the consultations with the Hungarian teachers, the new law on education will prescribe a suitable and decent framework for the Hungarian and native language education. The goal of the government is the bill to pass the parliament by the end of June. That is the reason why the cabinet adopted the law in emergency meeting on Monday - explained the president of the alliance.

Evaluating the parliamentary elections on Hungary, Markó Béla pointed that the Hungarians voted for change, and from this point of view, the party obtained a strong and firm mandate. He added, the Fidesz – as the DAHR – is member of the European People’s Party, and this opens new opportunities for cooperation on European level. Markó stated that the alliance wishes to elaborate a strong relationship and cooperation with the future Hungarian government. This cooperation is important on two levels: one is the Hungarian-Hungarian relationship, aiming to support the goals of the Hungarian organizations from abroad, the educational and cultural institutions and public life. The second derives from the presence of the DAHR in the Romanian government, offering the possibility for the two cabinets and states for a strong cooperation, and the development of a strategic partnership.

At the press conference, Deputy Prime Minister Markó Béla presented his condolences to the families of all those affected in the tragic plane accident of Smolensk, adding that this is not just the loss of Poland but of the entire Europe. The president of the alliance paid tribute at the polish embassy on Monday morning as well.

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