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2010. 4. 21.

Today the government adopted a proposal for the amendment of the constitution, including the result of the referendum of November 2009, and transmitted it to the president, to initiate the procedure for the amendment of the constitutions in accordance with article 150, paragraph 1 of the Constitution.

At the cabinet meeting, Markó Béla stated that the DAHR favors the deep reform of the existing parliamentary system, but in his opinion, a true bicameral system would be a viable solution. At the same time, the deputy prime minister agreed that it is the constitutional duty of the government to initiate at the presidency the transmission of the results of the referendum to the parliament.

At the proposal of the DAHR an important modification regarding the rights of the national minorities was introduces into the draft. In accordance with the proposed modifications, a third paragraph will be added to article 6 of the Constitution:

“The institutions of the state consult the organizations of the national minorities in all decision regarding the preservation, improvement and expression of the ethnical, cultural and religious identity.”

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