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The DAHR has undertaken change, reform and modernization
2010. 4. 27.

Trough its governmental activity the DAHR has undertaken not just the support of the activity of the local communities and administrations, but the change, reform and modernization as well. – declared Markó Béla deputy prime minister, at the meeting of the DAHR mayors in Targu Mures.

Beside the nearly 150 mayors, several DAHR officials, chairperson of local and county organization, presidents and vice presidents of the county councils and governmental officials took part at the conference. The goal of the event was to present the DAHR mayors the decentralization process presented by the government-programme, and at the same time to ask their opinion on this extremely important measure.

Presenting the current Romanian political situation the DAHR president stated that the Alliance has accepted to enter the government in an extremely difficult period, since it had to “climb on the moving train” and accept the measures already taken. Still, in this inappropriate situation, the DAHR ministers managed to do a good job.

Markó Béla stated, the DAHR has undertaken change, reform and modernization. He added: the Alliance will not accept that – even if the forecast for this year shows a one percent economic growth – the development and investment projects initiated by the local administrations to stop. The biggest challenge will be to find the necessary funds for continuing the infrastructural developments and the stimulation of investments. If the state really wants to overcome this economic crisis, the constraining measures are not enough, since these do not stimulate the economy.

The DAHR president underlined that the most important goal of this period is the decentralization. – Our most important and common goal is the real and effective decentralization, offering the local administrations the instruments needed in order to be able to act in favor of the communities. The deputy prime minister added, some of these measures are of utmost important. The decentralization of the health and educational system will lead that the hospitals, health institutions and schools will get in the administration of the local authorities. In the current economic situation, this might seem extremely hart for the local authorities, but this is the only way the local communities will be able to intervene in the decisions regarding these institutions.

Related to the draft law of education, Markó Béla pointed that it is of high importance that this draft makes it possible for the students belonging to the national minorities to learn the history and geography in their native language, and Romanian as a foreign language.

Regarding the modification of the constitution, the deputy prime minister stated that although the Romanian government was obliged to initiate the procedure for the modification of the constitution, the DAHR does not agree on every point of the proposals. The Alliance does not agree the referendum and does not accept the unicameral parliamentary system, but agrees that the existing needs to be changed.

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