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Tags: Senate
In the procedure of relieving the president of the senate, the DAHR will proceed in accordance with the standing orders
2010. 3. 7.

In the opinion of the DAHR it would be desirable that the presidents of the two houses of the parliament would represent the members of the governmental coalition, since in this situation the parliamentary work could become more efficient, and the government would not need to elaborate governmental degrees, or take responsibility for a law or bill. »

Tags: Markó Béla, Senate

Changes in the leadership of the DAHR Group in the Senate
2010. 1. 12.

The DAHR Group in Senate has elected its new leadership during its meeting on Tuesday. According to the decision, the elected leader of the group is Fekete Szabó András, deputy leader Gyerkó László, The secretary of the group is senator Bokor Tibor.

Tags: Senate

The referendum is used for campaign
2009. 11. 2.

According to the DAHR standpoint, the political system based on two-cambered parliament needs to be changed, but in a matter, that no community remains without representation in the parliament. The risks of the proposals of the president are that even the Hungarian community would remain without representation or it would be strongly weakened, and it could not effectively intertwine in national issues. The referendum is used for campaign, and the DAHR does not agree on this – declared Markó Béla, in Cluj Napoca. »

Tags: Markó Béla, Senate

The DAHR canditates are ready for the campaign
2008. 9. 13.

The most regional organizations of the DAHR have already chosen their representative and senator candidates for the upcoming elections – declared Markó Béla on his weekly press conference on Wednesday in Bucharest. »

Tags: Chamber of Deputies, Election, Markó Béla, Senate

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