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Tags: Sógor Csaba
The EPP is supporting the unified representation of Hungarians
2011. 9. 23.

DAHR president Kelemen Hunor and EPP president Wilfried Martens met on Thursday in Bucharest, discussing the political role-taking of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania, the Hungarian-Romanian political relations, and the rights and interests of the ethnic Hungarians living in Romania. »

Tags: DAHR, EPP, Kelemen Hunor, Korodi Attila, Sógor Csaba, Winkler Gyula

Overwhelming support for the European Roma Strategy in the EP
2011. 3. 10.

DAHR’s Hungarian MEP from Transylvania, Csaba Sógor emphasized the importance of common responsibility in the solution of the Roma issue: „The issue of the Roma’s economic and social exclusion has been a subject of debate only since the accession of the new member states. But this doesn’t mean that the problem did not exist before. Although the relationship between Roma communities and their neighbors hasn’t always been peaceful, these tensions have only intensified since the fall of communism”. »

Tags: European Parliament, Sógor Csaba

DAHR delegation at FUEN Congress in Brussels
2009. 10. 1.

We are living-diversity - is the motto of the congress of the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN). Since its foundation in 1949 FUEN represents the interests of the European autochthonous, national minorities. In 2009 the organisation will celebrate its 60th anniversary. »

Tags: European Parliament, Kovács Péter, Sógor Csaba, Winkler Gyula

The results of the elections show the real force of the Hungarian community of Transylvania
2009. 6. 15.

The Hungarian electors have understood the meaning of solidarity and the message of cooperation, which is how the DAHR managed to earn this unprecedently high score of almost 9%, at the European Parliamentary elections. – declared Markó Béla, president of DAHR, at his weekly press conference held in Bucharest this week. He added, because of this recognition, the Hungarian organization earned a score that high, which proves the real force of the Hungarian minority of Romania, and the discipline of the Hungarian voters, who attended in large numbers the elections. »

Tags: Election, EPP, European Parliament, Markó Béla, Sógor Csaba, Winkler Gyula

Sógor Csaba promotes the success of the principle of the reciprocity in European Union`s language-learning program
2008. 4. 12.

Multilingualism - What does it mean in today`s European Union? - round table discussion organized by the Konrad Adenauer-Stiftung European office in Brussels. »

Tags: European Parliament, Sógor Csaba

We should guarantee community laws to the national minorities, and not charge them with collective guiltiness - Sógor Csaba promoted the increased protection of minorities in the Euroepan Parliament
1970. 1. 1.

- Hungary has borders with itself: the country lost 2/3 of its territory after the First World War. For the past 88 years, the Hungarian nation, now scattered in 3 million minorities, has struggled for its rights only with peaceful devices. The nearly twenty interest-representing organizations, for the sixth time already are discussing the possibilities of peaceful enforcement of interests, in the framework of the Consultative Council of the Carpathian-basin Representatives: preservation of identity and native language, economic connections, autonomies. »

Tags: European Parliament, Sógor Csaba

The endangered communities should have the right to education in their native language and that of self-determination
2008. 7. 12.

Sógor Csaba Hungarian MEP, held a one minute speech on the occasion of the meeting on fin-ugor communities, in Strasburg. The DAHR politician underlined: as also the Hungarian president mentioned, it is not enough for an endangered community to have a dance ensemble and a choir, but they also need education in their native language and should have the right of self-determination. »

Tags: European Parliament, Sógor Csaba

Common meeting of the national minorities and the Tibet Intergroup of the European Parliament
2008. 5. 30.

At the common meeting of the National Minorities and the Tibet Intergroup of the European Parliament, Sógor Csaba Hungarian MEP, member of both Intergroups, evidenced the similarities between the Tibetan and Hungarian situation. »

Tags: European Parliament, Sógor Csaba

"Common future in EU"
2008. 5. 30.

This upbeat message about the need for negotiations was echoed by Jakup Krasniqi - the Speaker of Kosovo`s parliament. "We have a common future in the EU and therefore we can sit together and talk and discuss." He welcomed the role that Europe could play in fostering more contacts; "we agreed on this initiative (the JPM) from European Parliament and we feel good that the European Parliament and EU in general have opened the new perspective for the countries of our region. »

Tags: European Parliament, Sógor Csaba

Sógor Csaba draws the attention of the European Parliament on the anti-Hungarian manifestations
2008. 5. 23.

During his speech in the plenum, on Wednesday, the Hungarian MEP Sógor Csaba draw the attention of the European Parliament on the anti-Hungarian manifestations of Timisoara, where the Timis county Electoral Commission approved the suppression of the Hungarian language campaign placards of the DAHR. »

Tags: European Parliament, Sógor Csaba

The Romany-issue was an extraordinary item on the agenda of the European Parliament
2008. 5. 23.

During the plenum session of the European Parliament held this week in Strasburg, the Romany`s situation in Europe was discussed as extraordinary item on the agenda. »

Tags: European Parliament, Sógor Csaba

Wilfried Martens: in Eastern-Europe the mentality of every majority community has to change
2008. 5. 11.

On May 6, 2008 Sógor Csaba and Winkler Gyula, MEP’s of the DAHR, met Wilfried Martens, president of the European People’s Party. »

Tags: EPP, European Parliament, Sógor Csaba, Winkler Gyula

EU - wide national minority decision will be taken in the EP
2008. 5. 11.

The National Minorities Interngroup of the European Parliament and Project on Ethnic Relations (PER) on its meeting organized in Brussels, elaborated an EP resolution regarding national minorities of the European Union. »

Tags: European Parliament, Markó Attila, Sógor Csaba

European Dialogue Forum of Traditional National Minorities, Constitutional Regions and Regional Languages - a new opportunity on enlarging the institutional frameworks dealing with national minorities
2008. 4. 27.

At the EP Minority Intergroup and FUEN joint meeting, on Thursday a draft declaration was adopted on the foundation of the European Dialogue Forum of Traditional National Minorities, Constitutional Regions and Regional Languages. »

Tags: European Parliament, Language rights, Sógor Csaba

European Commission Public Hearing on Multilingualism in the EU
2008. 4. 18.

Accepting the invitation of the European Commision, Sógor Csaba attended the public hearing on multilingualism, hosted by the European Commissioner for Multilingualism Leonard Orban. The event rounds up a wide-ranging public consultation on multilingualism which was launched at the end of last year. It has proved to be one of the most popular public surveys ever carried out on EU policies.


Tags: European Parliament, Sógor Csaba

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